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" Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him.

--Aldous Huxley

 I have obtained the experience needed to continue as your Utah County Clerk/Auditor.
Here are a few highlights of my experiences in the public and private sector.

Since becoming the Clerk/ Auditor we have been active in learning and improving Election processes.  We have interacted with other Election Officials, both in Utah and other States.  We have made onsite visits to other Election Offices, and gleamed processes from them, that we have implemented in our operations to maintain efficencies and intergrity in Elections.
Over the course of the past several years we have streamlined the processes in the Tax Administration division of our office. The staff have developed better oversight of Tax Abatement applications, and eliminated unnecessary steps in the Board of Equalization process. This has been accomplished through borrowing best practices from other Counties, and encouraging and supporting the staff as they try new initiatives and processes.
Under my direction, while employed in the private sector at TransEra Corporation were able to decrease the order to ship time of our products from 10 days to the same day for all Domestic orders, and the next day for all International orders. This quick turn time resulted in many more inventory turns, lower Accounts Receivables, and increased customer satisfaction.
In the capacity as the District Service Manager for the Newspaper Agency Corp. One of my main focuses was customer service. During my tenure I regularly achieved one of the lowest customer compliant ratios of all the Districts along the Wasatch Front. I have implemented that same attitude of responsiveness, as your Clerk/ Auditor. 
In the Utah County Republican Party I have served as a Precinct Chair, Legislative District Chair, Audit Committee Chair, and County Party Treasurer. I have also had the opportunity to serve at various times on the County Central, Executive, and Steering Committees and have served on the State GOP Central Committee. I have also been privileged to serve as a State and/ or County Delegate for the past 20+ years.
I was privileged to serve as a Board member of the local chapter of the National organization APICS ( Association for Operations Management). In this capacity I helped with the administrative functions of the chapter, and promoted continuing educational opportunities. We also coordinated regular site tours of various businesses and manufacturers in Utah County.
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The County Seat, is a half hour television program about issues facing Utah’s counties, broadcast across the state Sunday Mornings at 8 on ABC 4. The program reports on the important issues facing county government and is designed to both educate and foster debate about pressing county government issues, such as public lands, water and economic development. These features are shot on location, edited and narrated to bring the viewer up to speed on the issues. Following the package pieces, the show returns as an “on set” moderated talk show to allow the county officials and related guests the opportunity to discuss and debate the issues publicly.

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