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“I freely acknowledge myself the servant of the people, according to the bond of service -- the United States Constitution; and that, as such, I am responsible to them.”
--Abraham Lincoln

As a public official, I strongly believe in the system of checks and balances. My personal governing philosophy can best be summed up in the following ways:

I have consistently remained publically neutral on any potential candidates or items that are placed on the ballot.
I have stood up for what I feel is right, even when I know my position is not the popular choice.
I have never been shy about asking questions during public Commission Meetings to point out irregularities or failures to follow county policies. 
I will always stand up for the values of the citizens of Utah County.

I am always available to the members of the media and the public when they have questions.

Independence is my priority when protecting the rights of citizens balanced with my duties as the County Clerk/Auditor.
In all issues (internal, external, political, etc.) I gather all the facts I need to do my due diligence in all matters to maintain my impartiality.  
When working with state legislators or other elected officials I am as straightforward as I need to be when a direction being suggested could negatively impact the rights of citizens or could unnecessarily cost additional tax payer dollars.
No one has me in their pocket. 
One of the most important qualities an elected Clerk/Auditor can have is Independence.
Bryan E. Thompson is the independent watchdog Utah County voters have been able to rely on since 2007!