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“The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.”
--Theodore Roosevelt

The job of County Clerk/Auditor is not one that I can do on my own. I, along with my dedicated staff, have done the following for the citizens of Utah County:

Prepared annual balanced Tentative Budgets without requesting a tax increase every year since taking office.
Promoted an environment in the Clerk/Auditors Office of efficiency, and getting the job done with the resources we have been given.
Focused on the importance of Internal Controls and have proposed corrections when deficiencies are identified.
Increased the Internal Audit staff, and the scope number of independent internal audits.
Received an unqualified opinion on all External Audits (that's the highest rating possible).
Played an active role in working with State Officials and Legislators on pertinent issues and legislation.
Improved Election night reporting.
Taken the steps to maintain the viability of our Election equipment for continued use into the future.

Tightened review processes of abatement applications eliminating inappropriate and fraudulent applications.

Total Applications approved in 2013 was 3,580 down from 5,504 in 2009.

The total relief granted in 2013 was $1,265,955 down from $3,284,850 in 2009.

Streamlined the Board of Equalization process protecting the appeal rights of the citizens and simultaneously saving thousands of dollars.

In 2010 the county spent $58,896 on Hearing Officers hired to provide independent reviews of 4,896 property valuation appeals filed by the citizens of Utah County. Of those, 690 could not be settled at the county level and were appealed to the Utah State Tax Commission.

In 2013 the county spent $13,750 on Hearing Officers to review 1912 appeals filed. Of those only 110 were appealed to the Utah State Tax Commission.

Worked closely with individuals whose properties are up for Tax Sale to insure they exercise all options to retain their property yet satisfy their tax obligations.
Acted as a watch dog of taxpayer dollars, strengthening the Accounts Payable process, verifying all claims, and making recommendations to County management.
Focused on serving our customers; the public and citizens of Utah County.
....And we're just getting started.